Activity 12.3b – Create a Classroom Presentation

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I choose to use PowerPoint Presentations, because it is a tool that does not require internet connection meaning I was able to make changes as need with out having to worry about having a connection. Not only that but PowerPoint is a more simplistic form of technology that allows me to add multimedia to the clips (videos, music clips, photos). Not only that but PowerPoint allows me to make comments through out, all of the slides which allows myself as an instructor to view guiding lecture notes that I have made for myself, to help me with further explaining topics in a neat and organized way. The other reasons I choose to use this tool was because it is something I am familiar with, and have been using since I have been in elementary. Not to say that the other Web tool’s were anything less I just thought I would have a better lecture outline (organized information) for when I taught my fellow students.


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Activity 11.3b – Using IWB’s

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I would use the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) in “Step 3: World Maps”. I could adapt this to suit my students needs in a lot of different ways, such as uploading a work book that the students can manipulate by moving objects (words, synonyms, and illustrations) to hover over the correct areas on a map. Most students enjoy hands on learning or things that they are able to manipulate. Students would be able to either collaborate in their small groups where they are given a map on or presented on an IWB. Allowing them to manipulate different outcomes, and the fact that it would be presented on an IWB students are able to send the information via email or posting, allowing myself as an educator to access and present in front of the rest of the class. Where as a class we could converse on the correct answers. The other option that could be used is presenting it to the whole class and having them work together on something like a smart board at the front of the class to move things to their correct positions on the map. I think the use of World Maps on an IWB would greatly improve classroom moral. It gives a creative and constructive outlet for the students to learn definitions, synonyms, sentences using the word correctly, and illustrations. It is also giving interactive learning opportunities for students, which can be proven in some cases to be a better way for students to understand course material. Something that I would use in association with “Step 3: World Maps” is “Step 13: Culminating Activity, where students create scrapbooks to demonstrate new knowledge of mythology….” You could use something similar to World Maps, where students are able to manipulate where objects go or using an image of World Maps in the scrapbooks to demonstrate new knowledge. The combination of these two steps and interactive whiteboards would greatly improve students learning opportunities and allowing a variety of learners (ie. Visual Learners, Kinesthetic Learners and Auditory) to succeed, because of the variety of teaching techniques that can be used when using IWB’s with lesson plans and learning actives. 

Activity 10.2 – Vendor Demonstration Reflection

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If you choose to declare a Mulligan for Activity 10.3 – Vendor Reflection, you must place a statement directly in your ePortfolio posting for week 10